Finally...I think

Prince Charming!

I finally got a job working for First Student. I started training on Tuesday and the trainer was a no show. We trained for 3 days and I found out we aren't being paid for training. So that'll be a total of 4 days unpaid training. A little upsetting because this was suppose to be a max of 2 days of training.

Fortunately I like the people and it seems I'll have lots of drawing time. The down side is although I'll miss bringing Hunter to my house to work with him on his homework before taking him to his dad's.

I missed him so much this week because he left early for Tx. with his dad, then he spent some time with friends so I only had him for about 3 days before he went to his dad's.

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raena said...

Congratulations! But, what is 'first student'? Cute picture!