I spoke to my mom last night and she said something that alluded to "you've made your bed now you have to lie in it." I believe she was tell me that it was my choice to get divorced so I should accept the hardships that comes with it. Well she hasn't read her December issue of the Watchtower yet. It talks about showing consideration for single parents and how Jehovah God showed consideration and concerned for widows and fatherless boys (aka single parents). The magazine talks about how single parents carry a load that can be at times too taxing for one person. How when we respond to their needs by lending a helping had, we will experience the truthfulness of what is stated at Ps 41:1: "Happy is anyone acting with consideration toward the lowly one."

It was just such a timely article because I think many think that I deserve loneliness, poverty, and all the stresses that comes with single parenting because I chose to get divorced. It is wonderful to have Jehovah's love and protection in a very cold and lonely world!

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