Right side up

Doesn't this look like a guy with a big bump on his forehead and a bumpy nose?

I quit smoking Mon 10/5/09. I had to because Jehovah's Witnesses do not allow smoking. Since I've started going to meetings I feel a peacefulness that I haven't felt ever really. I'm hoping it is not just a "manic" period of lol! My son is happy about it although I smoked outside and never in the car when he was around. My upstairs neighbor is happy because now she doesn't have to run and close her window every time she hears me come out for a smoke. The dogs are happy because the anxiety that has returned when I don't smoke so instead of taking them for walks 2 times a day I take them 4 sometimes 5. I constantly think about smoking, sometimes my stomach feels nauseous. But now that I have 4 clean days I can't give in now or I'll have to start from the beginning again!


Alex said...

Interesting post ^^ You have quite an imagination. I am just admiring the color mix and composition, this one looks very classy

freebird said...

Good for you. I hope you are hanging in there. By now if you did, you ought to be home free! Your pocket book will thank you too.