Edm #100 Landscape

WC in little moleskine sketchbook. A little stream the dogs like to stop and have a drink on our walks.


/jupe said...

Hi, i guess you have a lot of stories. You could share those, in my blog. That's the reason i created it. Just to share stories.

I'm from Argentina. Sorry for my english. You can write in your language, i'll understand.

Thanks, good luck.

Contar, decir, intercambiar. Usar el espacio para conectar tu historia, una más del montón, con la de otros. Todos invitados a compartir lo que gusten.

alguna del montón
nucleando historias


/jupe said...

Those are great pics

Ann said...

Your landscape drawings are fantastic! I really enjoyed looking through your recent posts here - you have such wonderful observational skills. I hope things are evening out a little for you now. These are hard times for everyone. Please know that you have a lot of great support with your EDM friends :-) Keep drawing!

Alex said...

Lovely mix of colors! Lots of detailed lines.
Ann is right, you have our support ^^ I hope that things will get better soon!