Odd day

I went in the field service yesterday and this sister sat across from me at break, so I drew her. Colored it in ps3 when I got back. She's a really sweet sister, sort of everyones grandma.
Prince Charming isn't feeling well today. Took them for a walk yesterday morning and it was a little rainy and I didn't dry him when we got back in. I keep the apartment pretty cold and wear lots of sweaters to save on gas, so he probably caught a cold because he was damp. I held him all of last night to keep him warm, his poor little nose is dry. To make matters worse I bought him some wet food, Cesar's, and I think it upset his stomach. I'm hoping it wasn't bad food that Winco decided to sell anyways. He's feeling a little better today and his stole is a little firmer. So hopefully he's on the upswing.

Did this quickly on my walk added water and pen when I got back. We are having dark gloomy days and inversion occurring. I feel unsettled and unhappy today, extremely spacey so I can't concentrate or focus on anything for long.

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