It is Friday!

Took this the other day on one of my walks. Still feeling depressed but happy I'm not trapped in bed. I feel like I could use 2 solid days of sleep. No time to sleep off course. Hunter is back for the week and I've been picking him up after school on his dad's day to help with homework. So I feel like he's been with me all along, I know the groceries are down to nothing because he's been here. The other day I couldn't believe it, I cooked him two separate meals because he was still hungry. I feel like when he is home all I do is fix him meals and worry about what to fix him next. Amazing! I love watching him consume and then ponder over where the food might have gone...perhaps in his wrist or his ankles :)
I seem to catch sun sets and sunrises. Walking back this morning I saw a few snowflakes...do believe it is going to snow, just in time for school break and Txgiving break I guess. The good news is I got a job with the school bus co. I might have to start getting up at 3:30am to take the dogs for a walk before heading to work. I'm a little worried about how Hunter will get to school and back home but I'll cross those hurtles when I get there I guess.

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