Can't Sleep!!!!

Too much coffee now I'm wide awake at 1am. Great I'd much rather be sleepy than wide awake with nothing to do and everyone asleep. So I've posted a pic of Hunter (my son ). He is now taller than I am and weighs over 100 pounds. Strange, he's twelve now. I remember feeling a bit of depression when I realized he was taller than I. The good news is that he might be taller but he's still 12 maturity wise.

He has a wonderful smile. Today was parent teacher conference and all of his teachers just love him. They think he's the most well behaved kid. He doesn't talk much and he's a little spacey and absentminded like me and his dad. But they all agreed that he's a great kid!

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Ann said...

He looks like a great kid! My daughter is also twelve, nearly as tall as me too. I know what you mean about people expecting more maturity when they are bigger, but they're still 12 year old kids. It all goes way too fast doesn't it.