Found a job!

I've posted this before, but just got around to some color.
At the YMCA with my son and his friend. Nice kid.

Drawing in meeting...helps me concentrate on what the speaker is saying. I wish I could just sit still and listen :(


Alex said...

Lovely drawings! I love doodling in meetings and classes too, but nothing as colorful :) yours are so much prettier!
I hope everything goes well with your new job ^^ GOOD LUCK!!

Possum Patty said...

I like the addition of color.

Gary said...

Some really nice pages Leona. Congratulations on your job - I feel it pick up the spirits of many out there in the blog world who are pulling for you.

Ann said...

Congrats!! I hope it works out well for you and that you had a great first day :-)
I like the sketches too!

freebird said...

Yay! A job! Bet you were never so thankful to get a job before. I am so happy for you and your son.