EDM 98 Draw anything you like

This should be called "draw a frustrating day." My son has been begging me to take him to a local water park called Roaring Springs all summer. Finally today I decided to take him and a friend...the same friend we took camping last weekend. So we get there and I find out it is $26.99 for adults and $19.99 if you are a child under 48 inches although they are both 11....well both my son and his friend are over 48 inches. But fortunately today is wednesday and today was buy 2 tickets and get one free day. If it hadn't had been for the free third person, I would have paid $80.97 instead of 57 dollars.

So we get in and I'd planned $80 for the day...but the kids mother had told me that she'd given him $20 to spend and I only had $20 left. So when it came time to buy a slushy I gave Hunter the $20 and reminded his friend that he had money and his mother wanted him to use it. Well the kid insisted that he'd given me the money in the car. I said no, I believe it is still in your pocket, why don't you check. He checked and it was there. Well throughout the day they had some dippin dots ($3.50 for a small), fries, popcorn chicken, and a soda ($7.69 plus tax), $3.00 even for the icy. At the end of the day the kid wanted a funnel cake. Well it so happens he had given Hunter $4.00 to hold because his hands were full. At some point while I was waiting in the 96 degree heat, I bought myself a soda and I must have used the $4.00.

So I said well I have my debit card, I'll get you the funnel cake which cost $4.59 plus tax, all totaling $18.78 without tax. Well the kid insisted I should still have some of his money left at least $10 dollars. By now I can see him stressing over the issue and we are heading out through the gates. So I finally say you know I think I'll go back and find out the price of what you ate today, why don't you wait for me at the car. So I went back to each vendor and found out the prices, wrote them down on a piece of paper (itemized) and got back to the car and gave it to him.

I guess why this all bothered me a bit was because, we had him camping for 4 days and he didn't have to pay for "anything" although his mom sent him with money. We went to subway several times, we went ice skating, whenever we stopped for gas I'd get them both a treat, and he didn't use his money. Which was fine but today I "really" needed him to buy his own food especially when the tickets were so much more than I'd planned for.

I do admire him for wanting to "save" however I've had him for sleepovers lots of time and I've always bought him what I've bought Hunter. Oh well...I don't believe I'll be going back to this park ever again!!!!! I somehow managed this "little" drawing while I was hiding under a towel from the direct gaze of the sun.


Alex said...

lovely shading ^^

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Oh yikes! I've had a few of those days! It get's difficult when kids do not understand the value of the money they have, nor do they understand how quickly it goes! My kids are slowly learning this at 12 and 14.
Thanks for commenting on my blog, it was nice to hear from you. I love your drawings.

kazumiwannabe said...

Nice drawing! I understand the feeling, it's frustrating when you feel people abusing your generosity and not even realize it.

Art is for the Making said...

I'm impressed you could draw at a water park! (Those places are not among my favorite.) And, you did a nice job!

nanke's stuff said...

Ouch, what a difficult day! I especially loved the "hiding under the towel to get away from the sun while you drew" ending. LOL Well done! .... is that how you felt after the day in the heat nancy