Edm #70 Draw something you are afraid of

Black & White
Water colour

Draw something I am afraid of: I'm afraid of going out in public. People stare a lot and I'm always conscious of people looking at me. I always think didn't their parents teach them it is bad manners to stare? I remember growing up in Africa and my mom teaching me that I don't stare at people because it makes them feel uncomfortable. And that is how I feel when people stare at me...UNCOMFORTABLE. As if I'm still on a stage performing although I don't have ballet performances anymore.

It makes me angry when people stare. It makes me feel as if I'm an alien just beamed down to earth or I'm an animal in the zoo or exhibit where everyone can freely gaze at. :(


Anonymous said...

Your journal entries are lovely - well done. I especially like that you shared both B & W and the color versions.
Your comment is thought provoking. Beauty, grace, natural elegance draw the eye. In my case, people I don't know often stare at the cystic acne scars on my face. You reminded me of a man in New Orleans sho worked as a CPA in downtown. He had Cerebral Palsy. Every day I saw his lurching gate and strained facial muscles walking to work through the morning rush. Every day I admired his courage, his determination, his wisdom to leave whoever might stare to their own mental gyrations - he had enough of his own to cope with. I never knew his name, never met him, but he taught me an enormous life-lesson. Your story reminded me of him, and others who have taught me much. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

How brave of you to write about your fear - was it that which prompted the rain-cloud? If so, I hope that has now passed and the sun is shining for you.
Some people are very rude and I think that such people are best ignored where possible.
The picture illustrates well what you say in your writing - that open space does look intimidating!
I send you my best wishes for a fun day today!

Alex said...

I believe I have the same fear too. Somehow I get nervous when people watch, and then I'll feel the pressure building up, and stresses all over... >.< I don't like it.
Anyway, perhaps someday I'll be able to overcome it, and be able to just draw as if nobody's watching. Nice post!

Ann said...

These are lovely sketches. I like that you showed both the black and white and the color. You are right, it is rude of people to stare and it can be stressful going out in public. We should all try to be more compassionate. Very thoughtful post!

Renee said...

But why do you think they are staring. I know that people stared at me more when my head was bald from chemo or if they see my arm, but being fat and middle aged they usually don't see me at all.

Love Renee xoxo