EDM # 161 Draw something you think smells wonderful

My new dog smells wonderful...of course I'm careful not to say that around my older dog. His name is "Prince Charming." He is a 7 month old Shih tzu. My significant other has been procrastinating about perhaps getting another dog because he knew we wanted one. For about a year once a month we'd go looking for a dog and there would always be something "wrong." Usually too hairy. And the boys and I would say well its a dog what do you expect, of course they are hairy and shed.

Finally the other day he gets out of the truck with this fur ball and my brain just doesn't seem to comprehend why there is this tiny ball of fur in his arm...knowing that he has a slight limp still from his hip replacement and little dogs tend to get under your feet. Well turns out one of his renters was moving and couldn't take Prince Charming. We took him to Pine this weekend and 4 little girls under 6 just could not resist either holding him or pulling him along on the leash. Finally I had to so sorry, but Prince Charming doesn't like that.

His name was Prince when he came to us and I decided to add the Charming because I didn't care for prince but he answers to it pretty well so I thought adding Charming might not confuse him too much. It turns out he was a "Prince Charmer" for all little girls this weekend.

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