Edm #113 draw a fence

The funniest thing about going to school for an art degree compared to going to school for a pharmacy degree is the amount of money spent. For a non art degree...you buy your books and that is the end of how much you spend. For an art degree you buy your books AND continually buy supplies until the semester is over. Plus because art classes are 3 hours long compared to a non art degree (classes are 50 minutes long) I had to buy a paring pass (which cost over a hundred) or pay for garage parking (a dollar an hour). But now because my classes last under an hour I can park in the park near the university for 2 free hours. So after my class I move my car and sit for an hour until my next class and then move it before my next class and I don't have to pay for parking nor do I have to pay for parking tickets! YEAH!!!!

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Ana Tirolese said...

Oh the memories and the money! You are so right that art degrees cost an arm and a leg due to the constant supply costs (and they are NOT cheap!)

Your fence is lovely. I have the song "Don't Fence Me In" running through my head now.