My Christmas Card EDM 95

I did an oil painting of one of my xmas ornaments, scanned, made some adjustments in photoshop, added text and ribbon in illustrator and voila! 

Now if I can only get my printer to print it correctly on the paper size, another challenge awaiting me... :(


Ann said...

This is a beautiful card! The recipients will be thrilled.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful festive xmas ornament!!! Good luck with the printer!! :-)

freebird said...

Whoever gets one will be happy. That reminds me I am supposed to be making mine, not blogging! lol. Good luck with the printer. I always seem to have trouble with them.

Ces said...

Hello Peach,

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I did a walkthrough here and love your art space! I also think that drawing hands and feet at very difficult so you are very good. Merry Christmas to you and don't be a stranger.