Nov 2-9 spread

I've been envious of all those who have Moleskin watercolor books and now I don't have to be. Found some at my local art supply store and they were selling the small ones for 3.95 and the medium sized ones for 5.95 so I bought one of each. And I found a strathmore landscape watercolour book for 2.99, so I bought three of those lol. But the great news is that I tried watercolor in the regular sketchbook and the paper is heavy enough where the buckling doesn't disturb me. So now I can do watercolours in my sketchbook.

Kind of a bore, but I cleaned most of this week, spring cleaning in the fall. The great news is I cleaned out my storage closet and found enough space to set up a little art station. And what's great is that I now have good lighting. I've always done art work on the floor and I'm actually liking sitting at my table.

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freebird said...

Well that's a great reward for doing so much housework! Your very own artspace. I have my own space but if I cleaned it up I might actually have some room to use it better.

Glad you are having fun with your new sketchbooks too. There is just something nice about new books and paper.