Freebird's idea of drawing one small thing

More practice stuff. But Freebird's blog inspired me, she said a friend had told her to concentrate on drawing a "small" thing everyday in order to draw daily. And then I realize why lately i've only been drawing an eye instead of the entire face. She mentioned not wanting to make a mess which keeps her from creating, and my problem is not wanting to "NOT" finish. I've got this thing about never starting something I can't finish. And usually I find I've lost interest if I leave something and return later, I usually don't complete it at all. Although when i'm attempting to do an oil painting, i'll leave it for weeks and I think it is because when I get back to it I am basically doing an entirely new painting. I usually undo most of what I started or have new ideas on how to finish it. Anyway I guess I must have really enjoyed her blog and it made me think. So continued the eye in color pencil and the rest of the face in pencil and then glued her other eye on so she doesn't look strange. :)


Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

That eye is spectacular, Leona!

BMoon said...

These are looking great....lots of practice pays off.

freebird said...

You did great on that face! Yes the eye is super but so is that nose! I never quite know how to get the nose to look nice, even on a cat!