My day... edm 37 & 52

My day usually starts out at 5:30 with my annoying alarm clock on my cell. Even though I am not working, I'm thinking about continuing to jog that early and get it out of the way. In the pic I talk about my dog and how he has been a great companion. I tell about getting back from jogging and doing the dishes and picking up a little, then I spend about 45 minutes working on this little oil painting to the left. I also talk about going grocery shopping and trying to "think" while my son is bouncing about and people are hurrying to shop dinner together. The keys represent the fact that my son is walking to school or was while I was working and how much I worried that he wouldn't get there on time or he wouldn't know how to open the door when he got back. Yesterday I returned home and he had actually started his home work and made himself some noodles. The Fun Fur is a spool of yarn I bought at the Dollar Store and I'll make a little scarf. I think I might get more yarn from there and make Christmas scarfs.


Ann said...

This is a great spread! I love how the dog is sprawled across the page, looking like he's waiting for you. I had a dog that looked just like that. He lived to be 15 and I still miss him.

freebird said...

I think you made a great spread. I like the dog taking up the space so colorfully in the middle too.