Tools of my trade /edm 16

I've been at my new job now for about 2 months and these are two tools I use a lot of. The staple remover and the whiteout spool. At first I was disappointed at not getting a Design job and having to "settle" for a regular job. But recently my boyfriend informed me that he got a call from a recently graduated graphic designer (he owns a business that goes after people who owe money). Apparently the designer was recently hired and recently let go because of the economy. So, I'm really quite thankful for this job I have now.


Barbara Weeks said...

The staple remover is fantastic!

freebird said...

Blessings in disguise. So this way you get to earn a living and do some art. Like your tool pictures. This way your art is yours not what someone else wants you to produce.

Carol said...

Great Drawings! Don't give up on that dream job:)