IF "Clique"

I've been thinking about the upcoming election. As I listen to the news and hear things like "will Black Americans vote for a "Black" man?" The first thought that comes to my mind is why the H*ll not? White Americans have voted for a "White" man for centuries in America. So why won't Blacks give the same support that White Americans have given to their own kind? And when the thought is raised about whether or not Obama is qualified, I think to myself of several White America Presidents who weren't qualified but they were still elected.

Personally I take it as an insult that some White Americans don't think Black Americans will vote for a Black President. I know of many women who were prepared to vote for Hillary just because she was female. So why is voting Black American when one is Black American any different?

That old thought that Black Americans don't support other Black Americans must be residue thinking from the ownership of slaves still lurking about lol!


Connie said...

This is a wonderful and thoughtful take on the word! As an ex-pat abroad I can't get enough of peoples' thoughts on the up-coming election and am grateful to you for sharing yours.

aeneadellaluna said...

Uau..this languafe is quite original..I wish the image was bigger :)