Edm #26 Draw anything you want

Drew the YMCA pool area while waiting for my son to finish swimming. His dad does a lot of kayaking in the summer, and I like to make sure he is comfortable in the water before kayaking season comes along. It is still really cool in Idaho, about 60 to 70 degrees. I hope that doesn't mean we will have a cool summer.


no way said...

Your swimming pool drawing is interesting-there are a lot of different angles going on here! Nice job. And that clayboard is hard to work with...we used it with oil pastels in one of my classes, since oil pastel doesn't soak in to the surface.

SCquiltaddict said...

Cool sketch...almost drew the same thing at our Y this week..they have the most amazing pools...and traffic is heavy here with the temp hitting 100..maybe i need to move to Idaho:>