Hiding my messy bed in the sports page EDM 9

The only way I could get my son out of my bed was to get rid of my queen bed and replace it with a futon. So now I just have to devise a way to get my dog out of my bed. I was attempting to hide the chaotic, disheveled appearance of my bed in the sports page which my son loves reading.


E-J said...

Terrific drawing! And though you're fed up of your dog taking over your bed, he does makes a great contribution to the subject!

PamYla said...

Awesome drawing of your bed. Sounds like a lot of fun in your house. Great you are going to school!

peachtreeart said...

Actually yesterday was my last day of school and I'll be at the graduation ceremony on Saturday. It was no fun for me having my son and dog hog my bed. :) My son kicks and grinds his teeth and my dog who still sleeps with me hogs the blankets. But I don't mind the dog...my son is too old to sleep with mom and I kicked him out around 7. Now if he happens to fall asleep on my bed I sleep in his sleeping bag in the closet :)