Group Cry

I'm afraid we've all (my dad, mom, son, and I) just had a group cry. Started with my son and soon I was crying and then my mom and dad came in and they were crying. 

Me and my older brother spent two days getting my dad's car insured, smog inspected, and registered again in hopes that if he is able to get around he will have and want to continue to live. Which means he will have to make himself eat and not give up on life. He is so tiny and fragile.

I think my son's crying about leaving him and my mom really touched their hearts. I'm not sure why we live so far from my parents, the only thing I can say is there must be a good reason and my son and I are suppose to learn something from this experience. But it really hurts not being near enough to help out as a daughter should. Both my parents don't have much but each of them keeps finding something for me and my son. Chocolates and peanuts to keep us feed for the drive back, a little heater to use in my son's room, some chips for the drive back.

We don't have much but we love each other and my ex-husband and his family have never shared a moment of closeness with my son as my parents have. For that I feel fortunate and thankful. My parents who are not very much "dog" people love and embrace my dog as if he is one of their grand kids. To funny, my dog jumped on the futon with my son and I and my mom who is an extremely clean, neat, orderly person did not say a word. :)

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