My son

My son, he is almost 10 (march 13) and yet he is almost as big as I am. He is a great kid, however he's getting a little sassy. Guess it comes with the age. I am in the photo but I did not include myself :).


Frankye said...

Your son is a really handsome boy. My son got a bit sassy when he was that age. I think they hear the other boys talking trash about their parents and other friends and try it out just to see what kind of response it gets.

How long did you dance? My youngest grandson (15 years old) is devoted to ballet. He has little interest in anything else - including spelling! He usually dances part of every day of the week and nearly all of Saturday and Sunday.

Keep drawing and painting...you are doing nicely.

thermion7 said...

My son is 15. The sassiness will continue. It would be maddening if it weren't so "normal".

Your sketches are wonderful.