Went boarding with my son today (he's 9) and it was a weird day. First off waiting for a parking spot we both experienced road rage so that got the day to a weird start. 

We normally get to the ski area about 12 or 1pm. And today it was 1pm. We get our gear on and get up on the lift. The snow was strange. Some parts was fluffy and then all of a sudden I'd catch an edge on a patch of ice. I board and my skis. So after about 3 runs, we head to the back side which means riding a long stretch of cat tracks and cat tracks (i believe it is called) is every boarders nightmare. We finally make it to the lift and my son has to use the bathroom. 

I send him off while I watch his skis. I notice that one adult completely ignores him standing in line and enters the portable bathroom before he even has a chance to move. I keep watching him fuming at the rudeness of adults. Then I watch an adult snowboarder pass me by and head for the bathroom. He sees my son waiting and after about 10 minutes of waiting the stall becomes vacant and my son heads for the door and the adult boarder completely brushes past him and plows into the stall. 

That got me angry! I unhooked my board and marched up to the portable, knocked on the door and said, "Hey how rude of you to cutoff a young kid in line, great job dude!" Then I remembered his skis and my board left stranded and went back to them.

The adult boarder finally comes out and is about to walk past me. I stop him and say, "Hey you know my son was in line before you and you cut him off." He said no I was in front of him and I said "no you weren't I was standing right here and watched you board up to the stall. Good example you're setting dude."

But...even if he was in line first, he is an adult and probably a father and he would know how much smaller kid's bladders are.


Arty Velarde said...

what a bummer! Way to go sticking up for your son. I hate when adults do that, I have seen it too often.

peachtreeart said...

Well, fortunately it didn't spoil our day. We continued and had a great day skiing and stopped for some sledding before heading home :)

Linda said...

Grrrrr!!! I hate to see adults do that kind of thing! I'm glad you were able to continue on with your day and have a good time.

gabi campanario said...

sorry you had to put up with that situation. your illustration is really cool though!

peachtreeart said...

Yes fortunately sometimes lemons do turn into lemonade lol.